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A. Jacobs Bail Bonds Testimonials

Proudly Serving New Haven, Stamford, and the rest of  Connecticut

Over the past 50 years and more, we’ve helped many clients and families get their loved ones out of jail so they could await their trials at home. We have built our business on fair practices and plain dealing with our clients. They aren’t shy about showing their appreciation for this treatment. Read below to see what some of our clients have to say about our bail bonds service. 

Praise for A. Jacobs Bail Bonds

“Jacobs Bail Bonds provided my family with professional service and the rates I was quoted are what I was charged. I paid by credit card, which was convenient and easy.”
Client from New Haven, CT

“I called Jacobs Bail Bonds at 3 AM and they were there to help get my loved one out of jail.”
Client from Greenwich, CT

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