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Stamford, CT

Premier Stamford Bail Bonds Service

A. Jacob Bail Bonds is proud to serve the Stamford, CT region. We've been serving Stamford, CT since 1961. We are the experienced and dependable team you can count on when your loved ones find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Call us today if you're looking for a bail agent, bail bondsman or just general information on bail bonds. 
Bail Bonds Stamford, CT

About the Stamford Area

Stamford, CT is located about 40 miles southwest of New Haven, CT and approximately 30 miles from Manhattan. As of July 1, 2014 the population of Stamford, CT stands at 128,278, making it the third largest city in the state of Connecticut. Stamford is home to four Fortune 500 Companies and nine Fortune 1000 Companies. Stamford residents also enjoy beautiful year round weather with average temperatures not exceeding 85 degrees in summer months and less than 30 inches of snow per year. 

Stamford and Crime Rates

According to FBI statistics, Stamford is actually one of the safest cities in the United States (#16 as of 2014), with crime rates well below that of other cities in Connecticut with a population of 100,000 or more. The relatively low crime rate is attributed to the upward trends in Stamford’s economy, but this does not mean there are not arrests. In fact, Stamford has been the center of a number of high profile cases, including a major drug bust that led to the discovery of a large weapons cache and marijuana production facility in the basement of an upper-middle class home this year. If your friend, family member, or loved one has been arrested in Stamford and you wish to get them out on bail, give the team at A. Jacobs a call. We have been operation in the Stamford area for years, and have forged the necessary relationships with local law enforcement to make the bail process as easy as possible. Read more about our services below, and contact us today!

Benefits of a Bail Bonds Service

Hiring a bail bonds company can not only save you money, but also help you and your family navigate the sometimes complicated process of getting you or your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. At A. Jacobs Bail Bonds, LLC we understand this, which is why we have implemented payment plans and other features to ensure the best possible service for our clients. Our reputation for quality and professionalism is just one reason why we have been able to serve the Stamford, CT area since 1961.

Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to stay in a jail cell awaiting trial, using a bail bond service will mean that the defendant must pay only a fraction of the amount the court or jail requires. Another benefit of using a bail bond service is that we will handle all the paperwork, and have years of experience navigating the Connecticut judicial system. Our experience and professionalism save our clients precious time, and allow them to get their friends and family back home as soon as possible.

Why Choose A. Jacobs Bail Bonds LLC

When you choose a bail bond agency, you need to be sure that their agents are able to explain the entire bail process to you if you are not familiar with it, get your loved one out as soon as possible, and provide you with clear terms and contracts. At A. Jacobs Bail Bonds, LLC we have an extremely good working relationship with the local sheriffs and jails in Stamford. This allows us to work with them 24/7 to ensure as speedy of a release as possible once the bail has been posted. Our longstanding history in the industry also means we have a great deal of experience, and will be able to answer any questions you may

Waiting for bail in Stamford, CT
have if it is your first time dealing with bail. In fact, many of our clients have not dealt with the bail system before, so we provide clear and concise terms and forms, designed to be easy to fill out for anyone.

When you are looking for a professional bail bonds agency to help your loved one get out of the complicated Stamford judicial system, give our team a call. We are available 24/7 at the number listed below.
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